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LightWeight Tiles Ubiflex LED alternative Bundles

LightWeight Tiles Ubiflex LED alternative Bundles

LightWeight Tiles Ubiflex LED alternative Bundles come in GREY or RED. Ubiflex is a LED alternative with no led value but works exactly the same way. Ubiflex is flexible which means you can mould it to suit your roof. It works well with our Granulated finished plastic lightweight roofing system. 

ubiflex bundle grey includes 

Ubiflex 200mm x 6m

Ubiflex High Tack Sealant

Ubiflex Gap Seal

Ubiflex Fixing Clip

ubiflex bundle red includes 

Ubiflex 200mm x 6m

Ubiflex High Tack Sealant

Ubiflex Gap Seal

Ubiflex Fixing Clip

Here is a video to show the installation process of the Ubiflex. 

LightWeight Tiles Ubiflex LED alternative Bundles

Here is what a customer said about our Ubiflex Led alternative: 

"Just an update, Very happy with roof, all fitted now, glad i went for ubiflex flashing. Personally i wouldn’t even advertise without it as a business, as the granulated finish really compliments the finished roof (something a standard flashing cant offer)."

How much does your ubiflex bundles cost? 

Our bundles cost £89.40 Inclusive of VAT. 

You are able to purchase the accessories separately if you wish. these are priced as follow: 

Ubiflex Red or Grey - £65 per roll 

Ubiflex high Tack Sealant - £13.78 per tube 

Ubiflex Gap Seal - £13.78 per tube 

Ubiflex Fixing Clips x25 - £7.99 per packet 

If you have any questions regarding the Ubiflex Bundle, please feel free to contact us. 


Here are some images of our Ubiflex in action on a recent roof conversion. 

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I had been looking for a few years for a new roof for my conservatory as it was too hot in summer and too cold in winter to use. I had had quotes over £11,000 for a new complete roof, removing the glass, which I thought was pointless. The glass acts as insulation and would be a huge waste of money because it would of been just thrown in the bin.

Being a Mechanical Engineer, I worked out that if I could find something lightweight and looked like the roof fitted to my house, it would be a great idea for the new roof. The weight loading for the conservatory was worked out to withstand the extra load of a few feet of snow, turned to ice, so I knew the extra weight of a lightweight roofing system would be fine.

I found Light Weight Tiles, http://www.lightweighttiles.co.uk/ by chance, on searching the net. When I saw that the tiles weighed in at 6 kg per square metre, I knew they were not a problem for my conservatory and with the choice of different finishes, I was able (having purchased the sample pack) to choose a tiles that matched my house roof.

I could of fitted the tiles myself but felt it was a better idea to use one of their recommended fitters.

After striking a great deal with the fitters, they came and did the job. It only took 6 hours to do my 28 square metre conservatory and it looked fantastic. I did have the inside done at the same time with simple white panelled pvc covering, which helped with deflect ting the light and finished the job off perfect.

I am so pleased with the finished roof and it has made our conservatory useable all year round.

I would highly recommend Light Weight Tiles to anyone wanting a simple, cheap and beautiful way to turn their conservatory into a useable room.

And the added bonus is, the tiles are made from recycled materials.

- P Fryer , Weston Super Mare

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