LightWeight Tiles NEW Foam Gap Fillers

LightWeight Tiles NEW Foam Gap Fillers

LightWeight Tiles NEW Foam Gap Fillers which you will find helpful. 


LightWeight Tiles NEW Foam Gap Fillers

LightWeight Tiles NEW Foam Gap Fillers


We are constantly looking at ways of improving our low pitch LightWeight Roofing System. We are delighted to offer our specially made foam gap filler. Our foam gap fillers are a just as unique as our Plastic LightWeight Roofing System as it is specially manufactured to our tile. 

We have developed this simple solution so as to offer an addition to the current roofing putty (Flexim)

The foam gap filler is sold in pairs of strips, covering the length of each tile (118cm)

These foam strips are formed to the exact top and bottom profiles of each tile.


Each pair consists of two strips, the first strip will fix (by means of self-adhesive tape) along the lower lip along the bottom of the ridge tile.

As one screws the ridge tiles down the moulded profile fits perfectly to form a snug firm seal. This product effectively hides the gap and makes a weather proof seal.


In some cases where the final tile fits onto the last baton (closest to the gutter/facia) there is a gap to be considered .

That’s where the second strip comes in!

It simply fits under the tile, to hide the exposed baton and gap, again making an effective weather proof seal.

It also has a self-adhesive tape to help keep the strip in place whilst the tile is screwed into place.


Our foam gap filler like the rest of our light weight roofing system is extremely easy to work with, and of course can be cut very easily with either scissors or a Stanley knife .

Its available as an accessory on our eCommerce site. 


LightWeight Tiles NEW Foam Gap Fillers

LightWeight Tiles NEW Foam Gap Fillers


Since our launch of our new foam fillers, we have had a customer purchase these with a shed bundle package. He was happy to take some images of the installation of the foam fillers for us. I have put together all the images to create a slideshow. 

LightWeight Tiles NEW Foam Gap Fillers


This old building in our garden is known to us as the Ranch House. It is known to be at least 75 years old and may well be more. The roof in particular was falling apart, it was covered in corrugated bitumen sheeting which was well past its used by date. We had two choices; demolish it or renovate it. We decided to renovate but felt that it deserved something better than corrugated sheeting on the roof. This was why we selected Lightweight Tiles after several email exchanges with Laura and Susan plus going to meet Laura at the Renovation Show in Birmingham.

The hard part was completely rebuilding the roof structure as we decided to change the pitch of the roof. Fitting the tiles was easy. Two of us fitted 70 tiles on the long side in 5 hours which included a leisurely lunch and several cups of tea. I fitted the remaining 30 on the other side on my own in about the same time. I have one tip though, it is worth drilling a small pilot hole for each screw, you can then fit the screws much more neatly.

We are very pleased with the transformation, I keep going down the garden to look at it!

- Bob S , Cheltenham

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