LightWeight Tiles Exhibiting at the National Homebuilding Show

LightWeight Tiles Exhibiting at the National Homebuilding Show . This year LightWeight Tiles made the choice and took the chance to make changes. Our first year at the National Homebuilding &Renovating show was a huge success for us. The support from all our current customers were incredible, they even came and visited us at our Stand D128 to show their support. This blog will show you how we prepared for the show and how we felt exhibiting for the first time went. 

Below is a photo the director took with one of our approved installers John Sanders and his lovely wife. 


LightWeight Tiles Exhibiting at the National Homebuilding Show

LightWeight Tiles Exhibiting at the National Homebuilding Show


What was your first thoughts on exhibiting at this show?

At first we decided it wasn't for us as we are such a small business. We felt it was out of our depth. It wasn't until we sat down and really thought about how it could make a difference to our business that we thought yes, we can do this. We decided to give exhibiting a try. Our main focus for exhibiting was to get our brand name out there and be recognised by many more people, as not many had heard of us. It was a chance to show the world what we have to offer and how we can help you individually as every job is different. 

How did you market that you were exhibiting at the Homebuilding &Renovating show? 

When you have booked your stand you are then sent a show manual. This helps you plan your event step by step. In the show manual you are giving various show banners that you are able to use on your own Social Media sites, Website and also posters you can print off. We maximised the use of the banners and posters, using the banners across all our social media sites, website and the posters around our factory. In the show manual you had the opportunity to order leaflets which you were then able to give out to your customers. This gave your customers a unique code to order two free tickets. When they ordered the tickets it would say that they were able to claim the free tickets through LightWeight Tiles Ltd. We sent these out to all our customers old and new and our approved installers also.

We used Social Media quite frequently to keep our supporters aware of things that were happening and when we were exhibiting etc. 

How did you prepare for the exhibition? 

We have a local small business like ourselves who work in design, branding, printing etc. We use Graphic Shack frequently for any marketing needs we may come across. As usual they were more than happy to help us prepare for the show. We had new leaflets with a discount qr code embedded on it, using our approved installers and customers recent completed conservatory, sheds and porch replacement images. On the other side of the leaflet we had our recycled lightweight shed roof bundles.

We also had a roller banner made and a flag showing some of the key benefits to our lightweight roofing system plus a few completed jobs.  

Our production team had manufactured a couple of A-Frames using our 5 Granulated Tiles and our 2 Smooth finish tiles. This really helped to show of our products when we had customers visit our stand. It was better to have a visual of our tiles and the A-Frames really pushed it as it shown the concept of our LightWeight Roofing System and how they interlock together when installing. We were also able to show potential customers and installers how the tiles fix down to the battens. 

We had many many Brochures, Installation Guidelines, pens and cups created for the exhibition. 

We had clothing printed with our LWT Logo so that we all wore branded clothing. 

how did you feel the exhibition went?

We all felt that the exhibition went amazing. We are all extremely happy that we made the decision to attend. It was defiantly the right decision. It was scary to begin with but once you got settled it felt like you'd done it a million times before. We got set up at our stand and withing minutes of us arriving for the first day we had customers arriving at our stand to find out who we were and what we were offering. Having the hand held scanner that we previously ordered through Jonas was a big help. It helped us capture potential customers by scanning their barcode that was on their tickets. We had printed of qualifiers so we could scan them and then the customers, this kept them in folders so it was easier to trace after the exhibition. 


some images of our stand and customers :) 

LightWeight Tiles Exhibiting at the National Homebuilding Show

LightWeight Tiles Exhibiting at the National Homebuilding Show

A Live Recording of our LightWeight Tiles Ltd Stand D128 at the National  Homebuilding &Renovating Show. 

LightWeight Tiles Exhibiting at the National Homebuilding Show



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