LightWeight local football club project

LightWeight local football club project. Here at light weight tiles ltd we strive to help our local community and were only to pleased to assist our local football club, when we were approached to see what could be done with their leaking pavilion club roof.

The roof was a pent style roof with a very shallow pitch, there was a huge whole on the inside collapsed plasterboard, caused by the leaky roof.

Due to the structure and size of the actual pavilion, the roof had to be very lightweight. The clubs committee had heard about our lightweight tiles and got in contact with us. The club wanted to change their roof from a pent into a more attractive and efficient traditional two sided roof. We were soon able to ascertain that it would be possible to change the roof to an apex style roof, thanks to the lightness of the budget tiles.

I popped over to see how the new roof looked last week. The club is extremely pleased with the finished look of their new roof.

LightWeight local football club project

LightWeight local football club project

The feedback was all very positive with the main comment being that they were so happy with our service. And the fact that such a transformation to their roof was so affordable. The roofing contractors who installed our tiles were also impressed with the way the job went and were delighted too with the outcome.

We are always happy to help, offering great deals and our best service at all times. Our budget tile range is proving more and more popular. Quite a few local people have used our budget tiles locally on sheds and other projects.

It was so good to see such a big project locally using our tiles.

We wish all the England fans watching the world cup in there new pavilion ( with its new roof!) a fun filled exciting world cup final ..FINGERS CROSSED FOR A DREAM ENDING ..BRING IT HOME !

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