Lewis Nicholas and LightWeight Tiles Roofing System

Lewis Nicholas and LightWeight Tiles Roofing System

Lewis Nicholas and LightWeight Tiles Roofing System. Here, I will show you many LightWeight Tiles roof conversions Lewis has completed. He has provided us with a few images of the outside of the conservatories and he has provided us with the internal finish as well. There are many different ways you can complete the internal look and hopefully these images in this blog will help you when thinking of using our LightWeight Tiles roofing system. 

Lewis Nicholas is one of our approved installers and has worked with our LightWeight Roofing System for quite some time now. He has installed our products many, many times. The area Lewis covers is the South West and Gloucestershire. You can find all of Lewis's contact details on our website or feel free to pop over to his website where you will be able to find the details and much more. 

Our LightWeight Roofing System is DIY focused so if you have basic DIY knowledge you should be able to install our products yourself, but when considering a LightWeight Tile conversion for your conservatory, having to install it by yourself can seem quite daunting. That is why we have our approved installers. The list of our approved installers can be found here. We also offer installation guidelines to help and support you along the process. We are also very happy to answer any questions you may come across. So don't ever hesitate to contact us. 

Enquire today if you would like to become an approved installer for lightweight tiles ltd 


LightWeight Grey Gable Conservatory installed and completed by Lewis Nicholas. This short video includes the internal and external completed conversion. Our Granulated Grey LightWeight Tiles were used on this conservatory roof. 


Lewis Nicholas and LightWeight Tiles Roofing System


LightWeight Brown Gable Conservatory Installed and completed by Lewis Nicholas, our Autumn Brown LightWeight Tiles were used on this conversion.  As you will see from the images Lewis has insulated the conservatory from the inside and then completed it by plastering. Spot lights have been added in the internal look. You will also see the installation of the tiles. They are fixed down to battens that have been secured down to the roof trusses. 


Lewis Nicholas and LightWeight Tiles Roofing System


LightWeight Brown Lean To Conservatory Roof installed by Lewis Nicholas, as you can see velux windows have been installed in conjunction with our Autumn Brown LightWeight Tiles. Our tiles work well with Velux windows. You need to make sure you use the flashing kit that comes with the velux windows. Our tiles are easy to cut, so you would just cut the tile to butt up to the flashing kit.  


Lewis Nicholas and LightWeight Tiles Roofing System


LightWeight Grey Victorian Conservatory roof installed and completed by Lewis Nicholas. In this small video you will see some before and after images of our Granulated Grey LightWeight Tiles being used on a Victorian style conservatory roof. And again, Velux windows have also been installed with the LightWeight Tiles Roofing System. 


Lewis Nicholas and LightWeight Tiles Roofing System


If you have any questions about any of these installations, please feel free to contact us. If you would like Lewis Nicholas to quote you for a complete conservatory build or for the installation of our LightWeight Roofing System please feel free to contact him or us.

This old building in our garden is known to us as the Ranch House. It is known to be at least 75 years old and may well be more. The roof in particular was falling apart, it was covered in corrugated bitumen sheeting which was well past its used by date. We had two choices; demolish it or renovate it. We decided to renovate but felt that it deserved something better than corrugated sheeting on the roof. This was why we selected Lightweight Tiles after several email exchanges with Laura and Susan plus going to meet Laura at the Renovation Show in Birmingham.

The hard part was completely rebuilding the roof structure as we decided to change the pitch of the roof. Fitting the tiles was easy. Two of us fitted 70 tiles on the long side in 5 hours which included a leisurely lunch and several cups of tea. I fitted the remaining 30 on the other side on my own in about the same time. I have one tip though, it is worth drilling a small pilot hole for each screw, you can then fit the screws much more neatly.

We are very pleased with the transformation, I keep going down the garden to look at it!

- Bob S , Cheltenham

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