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Available: 1m X 50m (50m2)  read more

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permavent MAX ALL ZONES


  • Air and Vapour permeable 
  • Suitable for wind zones 1-5 (All UK) regardless of fitting method (Taped or Battened)
  • Use without additional ventilation 
  • For use on any types of roofing/walling application 

Available: 1m X 50m (50m2) 

The below table shows you the coverage you will need of our breathable membrane using the square metre of your roof area. 

Apex taped supplied (Lap 100mm) 
Coverage (Roof net field area only)


NB, for more complex roofs, or where you have detailing; you will use more membrane:

  • Ridge lines - on a duo-pitch roof, the membrane overlaps 150mm on both elevations. 
  • Abutments (Wall/Chimneys) - the membrane continues up the vertical a min 75mm. 
  • Valleys- you will utilise more membrane depending on the complexity.


Replacing my conservatory roof with your product was a considerable undertaking for me and my roofer who had not used the product before. Therefore I decided to visit you premises to check the light tiles out for myself and find out a little more about installation. I was greeted by Laura who was most helpful, answered all my questions and showed me some sample installations in you premises. From measurements and photographs I provided, Laura worked out a complete list of items required and provided a quotation.
In addition Laura emailed me with web links providing video clips of tile installation.
I was very pleased with the service and follow up emails. The tiles have arrived today as planned and I look forward to finding out how the installation goes over the next couple of weeks.
Best regards
L. J. Ives

- L. J. Ives , Portchester

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