LightWeight Tiles Foam Eaves/Ridge Fillers


Our self-adhesive Foam Eaves/Ridge Filler Pair can be fully utilised on Gable Style Roofs that have an equal Ridge and Eaves length. However, they can partially be used on all other roof shapes as well. One half of the gap fillers can be used underneath the lip of the Ridge Tiles and one half in front of the Bottom Batten on the Eaves. Please see our installation guidelines for more information.

PLEASE NOTE Both sides of the roof on a Gabled Style roof will need sealing. Therefore, the foam quantities required will be double the length of the ridge. (See the below coverage information)

Due to these strips being profiled to the exact shape of our tiles, they are unsuitable for use on hips (due to the diagonal variations). We therefore recommend using Flexim Roof Putty as a gap filler where the roof has hips. Unfortunately, Flexim Roof Putty is only able to be used in conjunction with our granulated tiles and not the smooth.

The purpose of the Ridge Filler section of the pair, is to seal the gap underneath the ridge tiles. The Eaves Filler section is to be used in front of the bottom batten, to hide the batten and minimise entry of insects, for example.

Eaves and Ridge Foam Filler Pair Dimensions

Length: 1100mm
Width: 23mm
Maximum Depth: 20mm
Coverage: 1090mm

Each strip can be compressed by up to 50%, giving versatility to various roof pitches.

For roofs which do not have an equal ridge and eaves length (All roof shapes other than Gable) please allow enough foam filler pairs for the total length of the Eaves. Then discard any Ridge Sections that aren't required. Unfortunately, we are unable to sell the sections of the pairs individually or provide refunds for any partially used pairs.

find out more about these foam fillers on our blog. Or watch the installation video below.

Work out how many tiles you need for your roof conversion

Work out how many tiles you need for your roof conversion